Rose Gum Timber Flooring

Rose Gum (eucalyptus grand is), also known as Flooded Gum and Scrub Gum, is a very tall forest tree, growing from 45 to 55 metres in height, and one to two metres in diameter.
An extremely fast growing hardwood, Rose Gum can be found in the region extending from Newcastle in NSW to Bundaberg in Queensland. It is also native to Brazil and South Africa.


85mm x 12mm Select Grade RoseGum Flooring / Solvent Base Semi Gloss

The timber is an attractive pale pink to red brown colour, with a straight grain and moderately coarse and even texture. The heartwood ranges in colour from pale pink to red brown and is classified as moderately durable. The sapwood, which is resistant to lucid borer attack, is usually paler in colour, but not always clearly differentiated. Rose Gum is easy to dry, and machines well to a smooth surface.

The timber readily accepts paint, stain and polish and also glues well,making it suitable for use as a veneer.
It is quite resistant to decay when fully exposed to the weather, and is therefore popular for decking. Other uses include solid and engineered flooring, mouldings, fascias, furniture, carving, turnery,structural plywood and boat building, as well as oars and broom handles.

Rose Gum Timber Flooring Perth