Myrtle Timber Flooring

Myrtle is a medium sized hardwood growing primarily in the heavier rainfall areas of Tasmania and in eastern Victoria. The heartwood is pink to reddish brown while the sapwood is almost white. It has a fine, even texture and a grain that is sometimes wavy, with visible but not prominent growth rings.

Myrtle is good for steam bending, carving and turnery, its only drawback being a tendency to bruise on the end grain. According to Geoff Eberhardt from Gunns Timber Products, “there has been a perception in the Australian market that Myrtle is an expensive or elite timber and its hardness and suitability as a flooring product is unknown.

However, it presents a unique blend of colours ranging from warm red pinks to pale reddish browns with pale yellow to grey streaks, all with a characteristic fine, lustrous texture. These colours can be further highlighted with the use of lighter borders such as Tasmanian Oak in floors and the introduction of Huon or Celery Pine inlays in furniture.”
Other uses include furniture, veneer, joinery, turnery,carving, flooring, panelling, doors, handles and piano bridges.

Myrtle Timber Flooring Perth