Timber Grade

In addition to the colour of the timber, your choice of timber grade will also influence the character of a floor.

Timber grade

Timber grade (Jarrah Timber Flooring) Left: Select grade / Right: High feature grade

Grading rules do not cover colour or colour variation but significantly influence the appearance of timber, with some grades including more of the character of the tree’s history with larger gum veins, knots and other features present.

Timber grade

Timber grade (Blackbutt Timber Flooring) Left: Select grade / Right: High feature grade

In other grades, the cleaner natural lines and figure of the timber will dominate with fewer and smaller features present.

  • All trees contain natural features such as gum veins, knots and past borer activity. For many species these features add to the character and charm of the floor so when choosing a grade, you are simply deciding on how much feature you desire.
  •  The grade has no influence on a floor’s fitness for purpose in terms of its manufactured moisture content range or machining tolerance. These aspects are the same for each grade.
  • All grades permit some feature and even though it may be named ‘Select Grade’ some gum veins, knots and past borer activity is permitted.
  • How the boards are mixed into the floor both in terms of colour and feature is up to the installer, so if you have any specific views on this, make sure you discuss these with your installer prior to installation.
  • Because different features tend to dominate different species, two floors of the same grade may appear quite different.
  • There are grade names associated with Australian Standards grading rules. In other instances, flooring manufacturers may have their own grades and grade names. Because a manufacturer’s grade of timber may not be exactly the same as that in an Australian Standard, be absolutely sure from the outset what grade you are getting.