Jarrah Timber Flooring


Jarrah is one of the most common species of eucalyptus tree grown in the south western corner of Western Australia and one of the state’s few commercial species. Its botanical name is eucalyptus marginata, which refers to the light coloured vein on the edge of the leaf.

A large hardwood, Jarrah reaches a height of 30 to 40 metres, with a stem diameter of up to two metres. It has a rough, brown to black bark, which splits into fibrous strips, and fine, narrow leaves. The grain, with an even and moderately coarse texture, is usually straight, but can be interlocked and wavy, occasionally producing an attractive fiddleback pattern.

Jarrah Timber Flooring Australia

90mm x 12mm Select Grade Jarrah Flooring / Water Base Semi Gloss

Jarrah is a deep-rooted species and therefore drought resistant, as it is able to draw deeply for water during dry periods. The heartwood is durable (class 2) and dark red in colour, often with a rich dark mahogany hue. The sapwood
is a paler yellow colour. The sapwood readily accepts preservative impregnation but penetration of the heartwood is negligible using currently available commercial processes.

Jarrah can be dried using conventional air and seasoning methods and machines and turns well. It glues well and will readily accept paint, stain and polish. Jarrah’s colouring and exceptional hardness (janka 8.5) are a perfect combination for commercial and residential flooring. It is also popular in general construction and is commonly used to make outdoor furniture, musical instruments and hot tubs.

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