Grey Ironbark Timber Flooring

Grey Ironbark Timber Flooring

Grey Ironbark is a hardwood commonly found along the coast of New South Wales and Queensland. It is a medium sized tree, growing to a height of 30 to 50m, with a stem diameter of about 1.5m.It gets its name from the colour and toughness of the bark on the tree. It is hard, deeply furrowed and ridged.

The most common commercial species of Grey Ironbark is eucalyptus paniculata, which is found along the far south coast of NSW to north of Coffs Harbour, and is most commonly used for flooring.

Another species, eucalyptus siderophloia is distributed from southern coastal NSW to Maryborough in Queensland. The heartwood colour varies from pale brown to dark chocolate brown as well as dark red. Its texture is moderatelycoarse and even and the grain is usually interlocked.

Ironbark has the highest Janka rating (14) of any Australian native hardwood timber species. This makes Ironbark sought after for flooring applications in both commercial and domestic projects with heavy floor traffic. The wood is extremely hard and heavy, and has potential for use in the manufacture of heavy furniture because of its beautiful appearance and density. However, its density makes Ironbark difficult to work and it blunts tools quickly.

The heartwood is durable and very resistant to impregnation with preservatives. It also has good resistance to marine borers. The sapwood is susceptible to lucid borer attack.
Common uses of Grey Ironbark include flooring, outdoor decking and furniture, heavy engineering structures, marine structures, poles, boat building and framework.

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