Brushbox Timber Flooring Perth

Brushbox Timber Flooring Perth

Brushbox timber flooring

Brushbox is a medium sized tree growing on the edge
of the rainforests along the east coast of Australia,
from Newcastle in New South Wales to Maryborough in Queensland. Some isolated stands also occur further north.

Brushbox has a beautiful rich colour, which in some of the redder timbers can be similar to that of Turpentine.

The heartwood ranges from pink-brown to red-brown but is often very variable between trees. The sapwood is usually a slightly paler, greyish brown colour. The grain is close and even textured, often with a curly interlocking habit.

The heartwood has good resistance to termite attack
but is of only moderate durability (class 3) in relation to resistance to decay. It is very resistant to impregnation with preservatives.

The sapwood readily accepts preservative impregnation and is only occasionally attacked by lyctid borers. It is unsuitable for steam bending.

Brushbox Timber Flooring

85mm x 12mm Brushbox Select Grade / Solvent Base High Gloss finish

As long is the grain is relatively straight Brushbox has good resistance to surface checking. Shrinkage is about 5% radial, 10% tangential; after reconditioning about 3.5% radial, 7% tangential.

The timber is resistant to wear with good resistance
to splintering. Its natural waxiness occasionally causes adhesion problems with some highly solvent floor finishes but it is a very good base for paints and stains. As with most high-density species, machining and surface preparation should be done immediately before gluing. It is low in tannins and much less inclined to stain than the eucalypts when

leached by rain.
Brushbox is relatively hard in relation to indentation

and ease of working with hand tools. It can be abrasive to machine cutters and tools due to the presence of silica in the wood. No difficulty has been experienced with the use of standard fittings and fastenings.

As well as flooring and decking, common uses for Brushbox include general house framing, lining, cladding, laminated beams and joinery, as well as plywood, turnery, laminated bench tops and parquetry. It has also been used for mallet heads, croquet mallets, bobbins and shuttles for the textile industry, butcher’s blocks and in boat building.

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