Blackbutt Timber Flooring Perth

Blackbutt Timber Flooring Perth

Blackbutt timber flooring Perth

Blackbutt is a tall hardwood, growing in large numbers
in coastal forests between Bega in New South Wales and Maryborough in Queensland. A moderate to large tree with a long, straight cylindrical trunk, Blackbutt reaches heights of 40 to 60 metres, with a diameter of up to three metres.

Blackbutt literally means “half bark.” It has rough fibrous bark on the lower trunk and a smoother whitish to yellow upper trunk and branches where bark has shed in strips.

The heartwood of Blackbutt is pale brown with a faint tinge of pink when freshly cut, while the sapwood is usually slightly paler in colour. The grain tends to be straight with some gum veins present but little evidence of growth rings.

Care needs to be taken in drying this species to prevent surface checking on the tangential surface and reconditioning is unadvisable. The mature wood may encounter problems when gluing, particularly with phenolic adhesives, but young regrowth wood appears to be less affected.

Blackbutt timber flooring Perth

140mm x 14mm Blackbutt Select Grade / Water Base Semi Gloss

Blackbutt is a species that is well regarded by foresters for the high quality of timber and its quick growth. It reaches 64% of its mature timber density within four years and is 80-88% of its mature timber density within 11-17 years.

Blackbutt is classed as Class 1 with a life expectancy over 40 years when used above ground and is Class 2 with a life expectancy 15 to 25 years when used in-ground.

The sapwood is not susceptible to lyctid borer attack and Blackbutt is considered naturally resistent to termites.

Blackbutt is ideal for flooring but is also used in a variety of aesthetic and structural building applications including weatherboards, railway sleepers and bridge planks. It may also be used for posts and poles if it is treated with a suitable preservative. Other uses include boat building, coach and carriage building, structural plywood and hardboard.

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