Evocork™ Floors

Cork Flooring Perth

'evocork™ Floors 'stands for ecological cork floors, very attractive and of the highest quality which provides unique and innovative solutions.

No other natural material can surpass the outstanding properties of cork and in combination with the most modern processing techniques,takes this valuable raw material and produces natural flooring with a whole variety of advantages.

* Truly environmentally friendly - made with natural materials
* Warm to the touch - comfortable year-round
* Comfortable - Elasticity of cork makes it comfortable to walk on
* Healthy & Hygienic
* Quiet - natural sound absorption
* Durable & resilient
* Easy glueless installation
* Easy maintenance - a broom & mop are all you'll need

What makes evocork™ Floors different from the rest? The HIGH RESISTANCE FINSH, unique to The abrasion resistant surface is considered one of the most revolutionary new developments in the flooring market. This significantly reduces the appearance of scratches, scuff marks, scoring and rough spots on valuable cork floors. evocork™ Floors has a high resistance finish giving each piece a soft and natural quality and not the usual slippery and cold characteristics of regular varnishes. High Resistance Finish is based on a ceramic solution and does not contain any harmful substances. As a result of the high resistance finish, your evocork™ Floors  will last for a long period of time.

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