Evocork™ Floors

evocork™ Floors

Would you like a warm, quiet floor on which you could walk comfortably and which compliments your current decor?

The unique & resistant surface of cork is considered the most revolutionary new development in the flooring market. Its High Resistance to wear has properties that are lacking in directly comparable products on the market. It also meets all the visual and sensory requirements of a modern floor.

GREEN Product

Cork is harvested from the renewable bark of the cork oak tree and is a completely natural product. The trees are not damaged or felled during the harvest – this 100% ecological product meets the requirements to protect and conserve the environment.

Mindful of the increasing need to protect the environment, cork floors are a sensible and ecological choice.

Features/ Specifications

Dimension : 915mm x 200mm x 15mm
Packaging Carton: Planks per carton: 9 = 1.647m2
Installation type: floating/direct stick
Available colours: 4 decors
Residential warranty: 15 years
Commercial warranty: 5 years
Type of finish: WRS Finish by LOBA
Certification: E-0
Made in China
Reduces sound transmission
Comfortable: corks’ elasticity relieves strain on feet, joints and back.
Warm: corks’ natural thermal insulation properties.

evocork™ Floors colour range

Cork flooring colours

The floor covering has a major impact on the colour personality of the space.

Evocork™ flooring is available in so many colors that there probably exists a product to match just about any wild designer idea. Here are some colour simples to view when deciding on a the floor color for your renovations project.
However please Don’t judge floor colours on screen as different screen displays slightly different colours.

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Layer Construction
Cork Layer Ply


It is an ultimate surface development of a finish with outstanding resistance characteristics. TCF incorporates a composition of environments friendly ceramic particles, that provides the product with an excellent wear resistance to scratches and abrasion and clearly reduce the sliding risk. TCF finish makes the product suitable for both, residential and commercial areas. It comes with the CORKLOC technology and it has never been easier to install and maintain, with state of art CORKSEAL technology, a paraffin based, all around edge sealing system to protect effectively, against moisture.
Along with the TCF finish, the unique structure insulates, absorbs sound, is comfortable to walk on and feels worm to the touch.


The evocork™ Floors can be glued down or floating floors.
Each plank comes with an underlay of cork agglomerate glued in factory. This provides an exceptional step and impact sound reduction, with no extra cost or work.

Cork wall tiles panelling Perth

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Information coming soon

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