Decork Cork Wall Rustic Tiles

cork wall panels

Bring the natural textures of Mediterranean terrain to interior designs with walls of living tree bark.

Decork Cork Wall Rustic Tiles - 'Belly Virgem' feature layers of brown hued cork oak on easy to install wall panels. Each tile bears a unique selection of unprocessed bark for an organic décor accent that’s truly one of a kind.

Decork Cork Wall Rustic Tiles are durable, sound dampening and temperature insulating, making rooms more energy efficient. Easy installation allows interior decorators creative freedom to incorporate tiles in a variety of applications. Make a statement with full walls or ceilings of stunning raw cork bark. Create an artistic focal point above a mantelpiece, table or bed. Apply in home theatres and recording studios for one of a kind acoustic insulation. Due to their earth tone colors and natural textures, Decork Cork Wall Rustic Tiles work well as understated room accents as well as bold visual centerpieces.

Toscan Cork Wall Tiles


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